Long before a shovel hits the ground and precious money flows into construction, our team empowers clients to analyze options and make informed decisions. During constructability reviews, we explore design and fabrication scenarios, identify parameters and conflicts, facilitating efficient estimating to help clients achieve the highest value project within budget and schedule.



Craftsmanship and reliability. The most important qualities, shared by our list of trusted subcontractors. Having completed over a hundred projects in and around Los Angeles, the vast majority with the same roster of local companies, Delta has earned the loyalty of top tier professionals. We compensate them well and they honor our relationship with reliable bids and outstanding work.


There are great designers and great builders. Clients are able to select their team of design professionals and rely on Delta, as the GC, to provide one point of contact for the construction process. Delta works with architects and interior designers, realizing their vision through an early exchange of information and a transparent flow of communication.

Design Build requires a close client relationship, where a shared vision of the architectural design develops between the client, Delta’s lead architect and the project manager, through extensive exploration of ideas and parameters. Delta is often able to realize substantial cost efficiences and scheduling advantages, subjecting the design process to a step-by-step constructability review.